The current pandemic is a very worrying time for all of us and I understand entirely that this may cause people to think twice before visiting Armstrong Family Law’s offices.

Obviously, I am doing everything necessary to ensure that the office is hygienic and following government advice about hand washing and so on.

I usually prefer to meet new clients face to face, although most subsequent work can be done via phone, email and post. I appreciate that particularly at the moment many people may not want a face to face meeting, so from now on, anyone who would prefer to have a consultation by telephone or Skype is welcome to do so.

There are some regulatory steps that need to be addressed where I don’t meet a client for the initial consultations, largely to do with telephone sales rules and anti-money laundering. I will therefore need new clients who want to have a phone or Skype consultation to electronically sign my terms and conditions before the consultation. This is very easy and should be possible for anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone. I will run through what is necessary before the consultation, and please be assured that it is very straightforward.

In cases where you will need to attend a court hearing, I am being guided by HM Courts & Tribunals Services advice here.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, please contact me on 01206 848426 or click here.

15 March 2020