The pedant’s guide to The Split

Many family lawyers have been glued to their TV screens recently watching The Split on BBC1. However, this is nothing to do with the gripping drama involved or the acting by the cast. It is because lawyers love nothing more … read more

Why magistrates are environmentally unfriendly

One of the banes of a family lawyer’s life is Practice Direction 27A (PD27A) of the Family Procedure Rules 2010. This part of the court rules sets out in enormous detail a family lawyer’s obligation to provide the court with … read more

Divorce is no laughing matter -or is it?

I usually take the view that humour can be found almost anywhere. In fact, I may suffer from what John Oliver has described (about himself) as a sociopathic need to make a joke whenever I think of one. Thankfully, I … read more

Equality cannot be achieved by abolishing civil partnerships

The days may be numbered for the strange anomaly that allows gay couples to marry or enter into a civil partnership, but which prohibits straight couples from having a civil partnerships. A private members bill introduced by Conservative MP, Tim … read more

Cohabitation Awareness Week #abetterway

The family solicitors’ body Resolution is running its annual campaign this week. In past years this has focused on alternatives to court, such as collaborative law, mediation or arbitration. This year, they have set their sights on the hopelessly inadequate … read more

Spreadsheet Phil, tax and divorce

Wednesday’s budget contained a small surprise for divorce lawyers. The 3% stamp duty surcharge for second homes will no longer apply if the second home is bought by a divorcee who is retaining an interest in the family home occupied … read more

The time has come for no-fault divorce

                     The Times has thrown its weight behind calls for the reform of our current fault-based divorce laws so that they are replaced by modern no-fault divorce. Their support for this is to be welcomed, although I don’t agree with … read more

Faulty divorce

A landmark report has confirmed that the current divorce laws do nothing to save marriage and actually just encourage people to lie or exaggerate events in order to obtain a divorce. The Nuffield Foundation report “Finding Fault?” led by Professor … read more

Divorce and sanitation

A few weeks ago, the British newspapers all reported the story of a woman in India who was granted a divorce due to her husband’s refusal to install a toilet in their home. Every day I get an email from Google … read more

The ties that bind

Lawyers tend to be amongst the more formally dressed members of society. There is a style of attire favoured by legal types that I like to call “solicitor chic”; a dark suit, possibly very stripy, a shirt, tie and cufflinks. … read more