The time has come for no-fault divorce

                     The Times has thrown its weight behind calls for the reform of our current fault-based divorce laws so that they are replaced by modern no-fault divorce. Their support for this is to be welcomed, although I don’t agree with … read more

Faulty divorce

A landmark report has confirmed that the current divorce laws do nothing to save marriage and actually just encourage people to lie or exaggerate events in order to obtain a divorce. The Nuffield Foundation report “Finding Fault?” led by Professor … read more

Divorce and sanitation

A few weeks ago, the British newspapers all reported the story of a woman in India who was granted a divorce due to her husband’s refusal to install a toilet in their home. Every day I get an email from Google … read more

The ties that bind

Lawyers tend to be amongst the more formally dressed members of society. There is a style of attire favoured by legal types that I like to call “solicitor chic”; a dark suit, possibly very stripy, a shirt, tie and cufflinks. … read more

Blame game

Press reports trumpeted last week that the Court of Appeal had brought an end to the era of the area of equal shares in divorces. As if so often the case, the headlines are misleading. In the case of Sharp … read more

The politics of divorce

With the General Election looming on Thursday 8 June, here are the main three parties’ policies in relation to divorce and family law: The Conservative Party  The Conservatives have regrettably not included anything in their manifesto about no-fault divorce. Given … read more

Checking out of your marriage

Britain’s first so-called “divorce hotel” has apparently opened for business in Yorkshire. Couples who are going to divorce can check into the hotel for a weekend, during which they negotiate the terms of their divorce with the assistance of a … read more

Why wash your dirty laundry in public?

Footballer Ryan Giggs is intending to argue to the court in his divorce from his wife Stacey Cooke that he made a special contribution to the marital finances and that therefore he should receive a greater share of their £40 … read more

No-fault divorce – why the lawyers and not the politicians are right

In a letter published in The Times on Wednesday 1 March 2017, it was claimed by Conservative MP Sir Edward Leigh that “research from Sweden, Canada and the US shows that introducing no-fault divorce significantly increases divorce rates.” Sir Edward … read more

Unreasonable behaviour? Or just behaviour?

A hearing took place last week in the Court of Appeal which has caused consternation among family lawyers. For the first time in living memory, the Court was hearing an appeal about a divorce. It is extremely rare for divorce … read more