10 big mistakes that people make in a divorce

1. Not getting an order it is vitally important that a financial consent order is obtained from the court reflecting any agreement reached between the spouses as part of their divorce. This is something which is often overlooked by people … read more

Paperlite, not paperless

Anyone who has visited my office over the last few years cannot fail to have noticed the table next to my desk on which there are piles and piles of case files. Lawyers are notorious for having large piles of … read more

Wuff justice

Last week, The Daily Mail ran an astonishing story that a quarter of all divorces now include disputes about pets and that the rise of so-called “pet-nup” agreements now means that judges are dealing with 90 “animal custody” cases every … read more

The new divorce law and why it might not be a good idea to wait

The government has now announced the form that the new no-fault divorce law will take. The sole ground for divorce will remain that the marriage has to have irretrievably broken down. However, the five alternative “facts” which are currently relied … read more

These may be the droids you’re looking for

I had a conversation with a robot recently. I had placed an order with Amazon and although I received a notification on my phone that it had been delivered, there was no sign of a parcel anywhere. The app said … read more

Should I wait to get a divorce?

The government has recently announced that it intends to introduce no-fault divorce laws that will allow couples to divorce without dignity and to thereby avoid needless additional conflict. Successive governments have prevaricated over this issue (when they have not simply … read more

Why is family arbitration not used more often?

Aside from hand to hand combat, going to court is quite possibly the worst possible way to resolve a dispute during a divorce or separation. Litigation is expensive and adversarial. There are very few couples who are still able to … read more

Victory at last for divorce reformers

  Family lawyers have overwhelmingly welcomed the news that the government intends to introduce no-fault divorce laws. This decision has been a very long time coming. The Major government intended to introduce no-fault divorce laws in 1996, but the legislation … read more

This is how it ends, “not with a bang, but with a whimper”

The final step in a divorce is the Decree Absolute, a court order that formally brings the marriage legally to an end. To solicitors, the Decree Absolute often seems like a mere formality. It is a very simple and quick … read more

The trouble with going it alone

In what I increasingly start to regard as being the halcyon days of my career, the mid to late nineties, it was relatively rare for a family lawyer to have a case where the other side represented themselves. Litigants in … read more