Dodgy divorces – the sequel

28 couples have recently discovered the downside of using an unregulated divorce adviser rather than a solicitor. Their divorce petitions have been dismissed by the court as each petition contained exactly the same very detailed allegation about the behaviour of … read more

Why a letter is not enough

The most successful blog that I have ever written (in terms of clicks) was one entitled “How much does a letter cost?”. It is a question that many people who contact me ask. Regrettably the answer is often “More than … read more

Delays to the arrival of no-fault divorce

The Ministry of Justice has recently announced that no fault divorce will not be introduced as planned in autumn 2021 and instead it will be introduced on 6 April 2022. The Divorce Dissolution and Separation Act was passed by Parliament … read more

Are divorces really rising due to COVID?

For many months now, even before lockdown took place in the UK, the media has been filled with reports that all over the world, divorces are rising as a result of lockdowns put in place by governments during the COVID pandemic. … read more

Online divorce and the potential for fraud

The Family Court is experiencing enormous delays. Never fast at the best of times, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos with hearing dates and the processing of applications. However, not all of it is down to the virus. A few … read more

Why are we still filing documents at court?

I was once contacted by a potential new client who had represented herself at a divorce financial hearing and it had gone badly wrong. The court had directed that she and her husband should file Form E financial statements containing … read more

Top Ten Tips for LiPs

Using a solicitor can be very expensive. Wherever possible, you are of course better off with a solicitor acting for you in a divorce or separation, but some people may have no alternative to representing themselves. The law refers to … read more

The usual suspects and tired old arguments

The government’s Divorce Dissolution and Separation Bill, having already been passed by the House of Lords, is now working its way through the House of Commons and will have its second reading on Monday 8 June. There is cross-party support … read more

Family law and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world at the moment has inevitably had implications for people going through family disputes and solicitors practising family law. The need to protect public health and to ensure that solicitors continue to act in the … read more

Covid-19 and how Armstrong Family Law is going to handle it – UPDATED

Armstrong Family Law is open for business. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a nationwide lockdown on Monday 23 March 2020, Armstrong Family Law immediately implemented its emergency relocation plan and is temporarily operating from my home address for the … read more