The next big battle: cohabitation law reform

Although civil partnerships for same sex couples were introduced in England and Wales in December 2005, it was not until December 2019 that this form of union was permitted for opposite sex couples. Since then, I have noticed something rather … read more

Can you hear me?

Over two years on from the start of the COVID pandemic, the Family Court is still holding large numbers of hearings remotely by video or telephone. Is this a good thing or should we revert to face-to-face hearings for everything? … read more

Why is your home not registered in your name?

Most married couples who own their own home will have registered it in their joint names when they bought it. However, not all couples do this and it is important to take steps to safeguard the non-owning spouse’s position if … read more

What is your address? Simple questions can be hard to answer

The first thing that I have to do when I am instructed by a new client is to obtain their personal details: name, address, date of birth, information about their finances and children etc. It is surprising how often this … read more

Enough information or more than enough information?

Full and frank disclosure of each other’s finances is essential in a divorce. You can’t negotiate properly without it, nor can the court make a decision if your negotiations are unsuccessful. However, when does the point come when you should … read more

Arguing for a reduction in the court fee is asking for trouble

No-fault divorce will finally be introduced on 6 April 2022. However, many family solicitors are dismayed that HM Courts & Tribunals Service has not decided to reduce the court fee payable for a divorce. The court fee has slowly crept … read more

No-fault divorce is now only weeks away.

The biggest change in divorce law for 50 years is due to be introduced on 6 April. No fault divorce will replace the current fault-based system. At the moment, the sole ground for divorce is that the marriage must have … read more

Bad terminology is the enemy of good thinking

Bad terminology is the enemy of good thinking, according to Warren Buffett, the Sage of Omaha. What Buffett means is that poorly conceived terminology hinders people in making sensible decisions and understanding things. A great deal of terminology has changed … read more

Why going to court may be the worst option, but it may be the only option

Many people still assume that where there is a legal dispute about their children, they need to go to court to resolve it. However, there are a number of far better ways to resolve these types of disputes, but regrettably … read more

Dodgy divorces – the sequel

28 couples have recently discovered the downside of using an unregulated divorce adviser rather than a solicitor. Their divorce petitions have been dismissed by the court as each petition contained exactly the same very detailed allegation about the behaviour of … read more