These may be the droids you’re looking for

I had a conversation with a robot recently. I had placed an order with Amazon and although I received a notification on my phone that it had been delivered, there was no sign of a parcel anywhere. The app said … read more

Should I wait to get a divorce?

The government has recently announced that it intends to introduce no-fault divorce laws that will allow couples to divorce without dignity and to thereby avoid needless additional conflict. Successive governments have prevaricated over this issue (when they have not simply … read more

Why is family arbitration not used more often?

Aside from hand to hand combat, going to court is quite possibly the worst possible way to resolve a dispute during a divorce or separation. Litigation is expensive and adversarial. There are very few couples who are still able to … read more

Victory at last for divorce reformers

  Family lawyers have overwhelmingly welcomed the news that the government intends to introduce no-fault divorce laws. This decision has been a very long time coming. The Major government intended to introduce no-fault divorce laws in 1996, but the legislation … read more

This is how it ends, “not with a bang, but with a whimper”

The final step in a divorce is the Decree Absolute, a court order that formally brings the marriage legally to an end. To solicitors, the Decree Absolute often seems like a mere formality. It is a very simple and quick … read more

The trouble with going it alone

In what I increasingly start to regard as being the halcyon days of my career, the mid to late nineties, it was relatively rare for a family lawyer to have a case where the other side represented themselves. Litigants in … read more

Divorce can be taxing

Getting divorced can be very expensive. Quite aside from the legal fees that it involves, people who divorce must find a way to divide their assets and income between them in order to meet their and their children’s needs. It … read more

Putting the cart before the horse

About 20 years ago, I received a telephone call one Thursday afternoon. The caller explained that he was getting married in two days’ time, but there was a problem. He wasn’t divorced yet. I am pleased to say that he … read more

No fault divorce and extending civil partnerships are a good idea, but further reforms are needed

These are heady times for family lawyers. No sooner had the government announced that it was in favour of introducing no-fault divorce, then hard on its heels came the announcement from the equalities minister, Penny Mordaunt MP, that the government … read more

Disappointment for Mrs Owens

The Supreme Court has now handed down its decision in the case of Owens v Owens. The appellant, Tini Owens has been told that her appeal has failed and therefore she cannot obtain a divorce against her husband on the … read more