What exactly is a legal separation?

From time to time, people contact me and asked me to provide a letter confirming that they are separated. This may sound straightforward, but in fact it is more complicated than it seems. The letters are usually required by organisations … read more

How to keep talking after a divorce

Many people assume that if you have a dispute in a divorce about children or your finances, you will need to go to court. However, wherever possible, good family lawyers will encourage their clients to consider alternatives to court which … read more

You might as well accuse doctors of making people sick

One of the really fun things about being a divorce lawyer is when a complete stranger decides to insult you. Today, the Liberal Democrats published their manifesto for the General Election on 12 December. Among their policies, there is a … read more

Pride and without prejudice

Many family solicitors are proposing that the Family Court should revise its rules and make Calderbank offers permissible in family proceedings. However, opinions about whether this should happen are mixed. Negotiations about financial issues in divorce proceedings are usually conducted … read more

Things go from bad to worse at Bury St Edmunds

It is being reported on social media that the Bury St Edmunds regional divorce centre is now taking 29 weeks to deal with applications for consent orders. Family lawyers have received this news with dismay and exasperation. A consent order … read more

Why it’s not easier when the other side is unrepresented.

Sometimes a new client will consult me and will express the hope that his or her spouse or ex-spouse will not go and see a solicitor of their own. This is often because they may fear that the ex will … read more

Legal unicorns, myth and reality

There are some things that exist in family law that are so rarely encountered, they enjoy almost mythical status. Family lawyers have heard tell of these legal unicorns, but very few of us have ever seen them. They aren’t impossible, … read more

Family law isn’t very civil

The Divorce Dissolution and Separation Bill, which would introduce no-fault divorce, has been working its way through the House of Commons. However, the impending prorogation of parliament and likelihood of a general election in the near future now makes it … read more

How much does a letter cost?

Written correspondence is a solicitor’s stock in trade. A huge part of a family solicitor’s working day involves writing or receiving letters or emails. It’s how we primarily liaise with solicitors acting for other parties, and it is often how … read more

Some couples need to pull themselves together

Sir Andrew Cook and Baroness Angelika Hirsch-Stronstorff must have really nice curtains. I can only assume that they must be fabulous curtains because this very wealthy couple have just spent a vast amount of legal fees on arguing about them. … read more