Divorce & Dissolution

If you are facing a divorce or just a separation, then it is prudent to seek legal advice from a specialist solicitor as early as possible. It doesn’t commit you to going ahead with anything, but it is important that you know where you stand legally and what your options are.

Armstrong Family Law can give you advice tailored to your personal circumstances. You won’t be pressured into starting a divorce or dissolution if you are not ready. I will explain to you what your choices are so that you can then decide what steps you should take, if any, and what you should try to avoid doing. You make the decision; my role is to give you the advice and information that you need to make that decision, whatever that may be.

Divorce can be much more complicated than you expect. Using a specialist solicitor for advice and representation helps ensure that such a huge change in your life is sorted out properly.

I can advise you and act for you in relation to:

Separating from your spouse or civil partner.

• Divorcing your spouse.

• Dissolution of your civil partnership.

Straightforward undefended divorce or dissolution proceedings are available on a fixed fee basis.

I can also give you specialist advice about:

How to resolve a financial dispute in a separation, divorce or dissolution.

How to divide your assets and whether or not spousal maintenance needs to be paid.

• Alternatives to court, including negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.

How to resolve disputes about your children.

How to take steps against an abusive spouse or civil partner.

• What steps can be taken to resolve disputes with an uncooperative spouse or civil partner.

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