Domestic Violence

If you are the victim of domestic violence , Armstrong Family Law can advise and represent you in relation to this, including dealing with applications to the Family Court for domestic violence injunctions and other related issues.

Domestic violence involves more than just violence. It also includes harassment, pestering, stalking, and many other types of unacceptable behaviour.

Applications can be made to the Family Court for Non-Molestation Orders (to prevent further violence or harassment) and/or Occupation Orders to force a violent or aggressive person to vacate the house or stay away from the property. Orders can then be enforced, if necessary, by the police and by the Court.

Armstrong Family Law can also advise you in relation to to other related issues, such as disputes about finances or children, which can sometimes be the root cause of the problem, and help you to take urgent steps to ensure your safety while not overlooking the other issues.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, Armstrong Family Law can advise you how to respond to the allegations and can represent you in any Family Court proceedings brought against you for an injunction.

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