Pay As You Go & Fixed Fee Services

PAYG & Fixed Fee Services

Armstrong Family Law can offer legal services either by Full Representation or by its Pay As You Go service.

Full Representation is just that – Armstrong Family Law handles all work necessary to progress your case from start to finish. We advise you throughout, draft all documentation, conduct negotiations and represent you at court or instruct a barrister to represent you in more complex hearings. This is the traditional option that most clients choose as it meets their needs.

Pay As You Go is ideal for you if your budget won’t allow you to opt for Full Representation. If work is done on a Pay As You Go basis, then you pay just for specific tasks to be done. This is known an unbundled service. We don’t do everything for you, just the bits that you cannot do for yourself, or where you need our help.

Examples of Pay As You Go services are as follows:

  • An advice meeting
  • Drafting legal documents, such as┬ácourt applications, financial consent orders or witness statements.
  • Drafting proposals for settlement

What does it cost?

When using Pay As You Go, we charge at our usual hourly rate. For example, if you spend an hour at an advice meeting with a solicitor, you pay for an hour of our time and no more.

Payment will usually be required in advance.

Some work can be done for an agreed fixed fee, such as undisputed divorce or dissolution proceedings.

What does it not cover?

Pay As You Go does not cover corresponding any with other solicitors or the other side in your case. It does not cover any negotiations, other than advising you about them and drafting proposals for settlement. If you want us to conduct negotiations or deal with correspondence, you need to opt for the Full Representation service. Pay As You Go does not include any representation at court hearings. You will handle all court hearings yourself.

You can opt at any stage to change from Pay As You Go to Full Representation or to go from Full Representation to Pay As You Go, although advance notice of this will be needed if a court hearing is imminent.

Our charges are subject to VAT at 20%.

Please note that we reserve the right to decline to act for you on a Pay As You Go or fixed fee basis if in our opinion, your case is not suitable for this type of legal assistance, for example in complex cases.

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